Hey KauilaP, you couldn’t have expressed my way of being more accurately. Blessings galore!

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kauilapele_with_12-12-12_sun_P1000167_crop_10_6As I sit here at Java, listening to the waves, some kind of message is trying to come out. Let’s see what it is…

There is only one “dependence” that I go along with. That is, dependence on Higher Self. That’s it. I’m not going to try to define it, only that it IS within, and it IS Higher than ego small self (small “s”).

When I get Guidance, Higher Guidance, I DO often sense it is from my Galactic family, partners, crew. Rather than just “Higher Me”, or “Higher KP”.

And to me, that “Galactic Guidance” comes via “Higher Self”. It does not come through the intellect, or emotional body, or from other people, or whatever. It is NOT a calculation, or a fixed deal (where I make a plan, and feel like it MUST be adhered to… no matter what).

There are many groups I’ve associated with, and…

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